Office acoustics

Fabric wall panels
Acoustic wall panels
Ocean acoustic wall absobents

Ocean acoustic wall panels from Sweden. Wall absorbents in wave patterns.

Mitesco acoustic wall panels
Mitesco acoustic panels

Mitesco acoustic panels using Snowsound technology. Ceiling suspended, wall hung, glass suckers, freestanding & desk dividing acoustics.

Suspended fabric screen
Airflake screen

Airflake; a sound absorbing dividing screen made from moulded fiber felt. Suspended acoustic baflles.

Triline acoustic screens & wall panels
Triline acoustic

Triline acoustic screen & wall panels with triangular design. Create interesting acoustic designs.

Acoustic wall panels in bubble shapes

Sculptural acoustic wall panels in 6 shapes & 10 colours.

Plaid acoustic house
Plaid House

Plaid panels & Plaid House are created from a felt fabric to create an acoustic space.