Bench desks

Bench desks
Long office desks

Bench desks & long office desks

White bench desks with white legs
Novus bench desks

Novus is a cost effective modern bench desk in various shapes, colours & sizes.

White sense desk with green dividing screen
Sense bench desking

Sense toolless bench desks by Herman Miller.

SQart office desks
SQart bench desks

SQart office bench desks are available with sliding desktops for easy access to the cable management.

White Height adjustable bench desk
Height adjustable

Temptation height adjustable bench desk available with laser desk edge.

Bench desking

Bench desks are office desks that are designed to share structural components such as beams and desk legs. This allows the desk surface to be extended by adding add-on desk modules to create longer office work surfaces. Benched office desks can be single sided should the desks be parallel to a wall or double sided which allows users to face each other and interact as a team. Sharing the components of bench desking not only reduces costs, but can also provide a smaller footprint to the office layout as the desktops can accessed from almost anywhere along the edges due to the recessed leg method.

bench desks, are they good for the office

Bench desks or modular desks

Bench desks are not suitable for every workspace and consideration should be given to the space and its users. As an example; bench desking is heavily used in call centres due to the smaller footprint that bench desking offers and the increased amount of staff that can be seated at them. This can work well, but a further understanding of the effect of acoustics and layout should be investigated due to the close proximity of users. Telephone headsets and acoustic desk divides should be used in this scenario along with other acoustic techniques.

Bench desktops are fixed together and cannot be split in to individual workstations. Bench desks can be extended by simply purchasing an extension desk with an intermediate recessed leg, and thus very long desk layouts can be created. However, consideration of your future workspace requirements should be evaluated before the purchase of benched office desks as modular office desks may be more flexible for your changing work environment.