Acoustic wall panels & baffles

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Aircone is a suspended acoustic panel made from compressed felt & shaped to diffuse sound waves & create a better sound environment.

Aiflake is a snowflake shaped compressed felt acoustic panel either with an open cut-out or closed panel design by Stefan Borselius.

Combo Cross acoustic baffles by fashion designer Pia Wallén, are a visually appealing suspended acoustic felt panel to divide space.

Bits wall by Anya Sebton is an acoustic wall panel in a triangular shape. The shape offers improved acoustic performance & Bits wall is Class A rated.

Mitesco acoustic panels can be used as wall & ceiling baffles with add-on components for freestanding or desk attached.

Scala is a compressed felt ceiling canopy & acoustic wall panel in a contemporary corrugated shape that softens soundwaves.

Mitesco Snowsound Flap panels are a Class A sound absorbing wall panel & ceiling baffle. Flap panels use both sides for improved acoustics.