Modular office sofas

All Sofa Armchair Landscape Acoustic

Symbol is a modular sofa system which is hardwearing & ideally suited for public spaces & office landscapes including curved layouts.

The Vale modular sofa range with thin linear cushions can create a wide range of useful layouts for both training or executive suites.

The Campus sofa is a deep comfortable modular sofa range suited for office use, breakout, reception & spaces where informal team meetings take place.

Away from the desk is an entire modular furniture system that works well in neighbourhoods & other spaces where meetings & training happen.

The Classic modular office sofa with side chase longue. Classic is available as a compact work sofa or lounge home sofa on die-cast aluminium legs.

Area & Area Radius is a family of modular office sofas available with high & low backs. All modules connect to each other via strong magnets.

Hatch is a modular sofa range with a striking stitching detail. Hatch is hardwearing & used for meeting spaces & office landscapes.