Finance your space

Activity based office

Why finance?

Good question. Most companies that require finance can often afford to make the purchase outright, but choose to finance their purchase for three very simple reasons;

  • 1. To retain capital
  • 2. Cash flow
  • 3. To maximise on potential tax savings

Extra benefits

Financing also allows you to increase your overall spend & purchase the products you want, not perhaps the compromise you may have had to settle for. Financing an office refurbishment is easy & allows you to create the workspace of your dreams.


Ok, so here's an example of a posh office pod.

Office pod showroom

Square glass & acoustic office pod W2785 x D2961 x Interior height H2250mm with the following features:

  • Air circulation unit
  • PIR LED lighting
  • Visibility dots on glass
  • 2 x Power + 2 x CAT5e data
  • Automatic opening roof (because it's what we really want)
  • Sliding glass door

The total cost for this setup including discount, delivery & installation is £16733.00 + VAT

Applying the science

For this example, a tier 1 Ltd company with over 3 years of good financials want to create a quiet area within their workspace with the purchase of an office pod. A pod with an opening roof is their ideal solution so that fire sprinklers can reach within the pod should they need to. The company wants to spread the cost over 3 years with monthly instalments & a hire purchase option allows them to keep the pod after for resale or should they wish to relocate. After a quick quote we were able to offer them the following attractive quote through our finance partners:

  • £555.12 per month
  • 3 + 33 payments

The total cost of repayment is £19,984.32. However, as a lease is 100% taxable, an automatic tax saving of £2,151.67* can be made, reducing the repayment to £17,832.65 + VAT

If the company had preferred to take a five-year option, then the total cost of repayment is £21,537.60 with a tax saving of £3,066.81*, reducing the overall cost after the saving down to £18,470.79 + VAT

*On the proviso you are making profits & you pay corporation tax

More options

Depending on your situation, you can choose between a Hire Purchase facility or a Finance Lease. Our finance partner will talk you through the differences between each type of agreement to make sure that you can make the right decision for you! The main differences they will discuss will be how the tax savings work on each option; the VAT element & then the options to keep the kit at the end of the agreement. Our partner will even come & meet with you face to face to discuss this with you & if there are other assets that you are purchasing at the same time, you can speak to them about including these within the finance package.

Want to know more?

Contact us with details of your requirements for a finance quote.