Bee personal booths

Bee is a collection of hexagonal office booths designed to offer coworkers a more natural personal spaced out & comfortable working experience. Bee booths are available in two heights H1200 & H1715mm or with a high central acoustic wall & are available as single booths, or hives in clusters. A larger singular hexagonal open pod is available for meetings or team based & activity working.

Personal Space

Bee is an inviting spaced-out solution for the workspace we find ourselves today. Not only does Bee carry acoustic properties, Bee also helps create a safer working environment by spreading coworkers out & makes sure that one users does not face another. Additionally, by adding an antibacterial upholstery & Nano technology worksurface as an option, the materials work together to reduce possible transference & are easily cleaned.

Features & Options
  • 1

    Personal booths.

  • 2

    Acoustic properties.

  • 3

    Power modules available.

  • 4

    Nano tech & Antibacterial fabric.

  • 5

    5 year manufacturer's warranty.