Brainy booth

Brainy booths

As our preferences evolve, so does the nature of our work & the requirements for our office environment. Presently, we seek innovative solutions to enhance our mobility & flexibility. In response to rapidly changing trends, it is essential to design office spaces that can be swiftly reconfigured—spaces that seamlessly adjust to our evolving needs. Introducing Brainy, a mobile workstation designed for individual, concentrated work that can be set up effortlessly in a matter of seconds. Experience its user-friendly assembly, lightweight design, & easy maneuverability. Brainy empowers you to maintain unwavering focus, fostering effective work & goal attainment. This versatile workstation allows you to seclude yourself from external distractions, ensuring an environment conducive to concentration, along with acoustic comfort.

Brainy dimensions

Compact acoustic mobile workstation.

Power plug in
Locking clips

Fix the structure by clipping.

Pod monitor arm
Folding desktop

A work surface ready to go.

Pod ceiling lighting
Compact design.

Fold & store away easily.

Brainy desk

The Brainy desk stands out as a portable workstation tailored for focused individual work, ready for setup in mere seconds. Its compact & lightweight design enables users to effortlessly establish private & quiet workspaces or assemble study booths for groups. Once your work is complete, Brainy conveniently folds up, making it easy to store in small spaces.

Features & Options
  • 1

    Acoustic workspace.

  • 2

    Mobile workstation.

  • 3

    Folding booth.

  • 4

    Quiet space.

  • 5

    5 year manufacturer's warranty.