Condo booths

Condo booths

Condo is a designated space for agile working. Condo is available as a solo work booth, 2 & 4 team meeting or media pod for video conferencing. Styled with a pitched or flat roof & externally cladded in natural Plywood or a multitude of MFC finishes. The interior with 50mm thick upholstered acoustic foam panels to dampen the sound reverberations. Furniture includes soft seating & integrated desk/table & lighting options.

Open Pod

Condo is designed open fronted for easy access & is inviting to teams to use for meetings or collaborative work. The booths have integrated seating & a work surface, 50mm thick acoustic cladding & a choice of LED or pendant lighting.

Features & Options
  • 1

    Acoustic solo or team spaces.

  • 2

    Made in Britan.

  • 3

    LED or pendant lighting.

  • 4

    Integrated furntiure.

  • 5

    5 year manufacturer's warranty.