Coppice Work Booth

Coppice booths

Noise disturbance is the no.1 workspace issue & the open-plan office environment is the no.1 culprit for producing too much noise. Coppice booths are an answer to the researched pitfalls of the open-plan office & offer a practical & compact acoustic space for focused working, touchdown space & even studying.

Compact booth design

Coppice has been meticulously designed so that a small number of components can facilitate a wide range of configurations, providing varying degrees of privacy to suit different tasks. Five key smart panels can be combined to suit multiple scenarios & offer diverse planning options, each of which allows for the creation of a density of ‘private space’ within a small footprint.

  • 1

    Designed & manufactured in the UK.

  • 2

    Acoustic product.

  • 3

    Various combinations.

  • 4

    LED & charging accessories.

  • 5

    5 year manufacturer's warranty.