Keyn chair

Key Group chairs

London based design firm forpeople were tasked with creating a healthier group of meeting & visitor seating. Research observations in meetings showed that people continuously shift in their seats, typically up to 57 times an hour. For sitting to be as healthful as possible, people are meant to shift & change positions frequently. Keyn makes this possible by responding to the body’s movements. Its innovative mechanism allows the one-piece seat-&-back shell to slide smoothly & recline up to 10 degrees so that people are encouraged to move naturally whilst feeling comfortable.

Keyn chair

“The premise of forpeople has always been about understanding people in their everyday lives, & using that knowledge to drive our design.”

  • 1

    Responsive Movement.

  • 2

    Optional colour accent through perforated back.

  • 3

    One-piece seat-&-back shell slide to 10 degrees.

  • 4

    Various fabric choices.

  • 5

    12 year manufacturer's warranty.