Office Cuddle

Office Cuddle

Collaborate in small teams within the Office Cuddle. The Cuddle is an upholstered office den either with or without a ceiling or floor. An integral table & seating provide a comfortable space for 2, 4 or 6 occupants. The Office Cuddle can be open or closed backed, with a glass wall with door to increase speech privacy. A TV / Monitor arm can be connected to the back panel to create an interactive office Den.

Collaborate with Cuddle

The Office Cuddle is part of our Agile Office Environments range. Cuddle is available in 3 sizes; 2,4 or 6 seat dens. Castors can be added to open Cuddles so that larger enclosers can be created. A central table which is built in to the den provides workers a surface to hold meetings, work or simply have a coffee. Cuddle also has the option of adding a closing back panel in upholstery or glass which offers increased acoustic properties.

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    Manufactured in the UK.

  • 2

    Open or closed booths.

  • 3

    Mobile option (without glass).

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    Collaborative accessories.

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    5 year manufacturer's warranty.