CS5040 Desk

CS5040 desk system

The CS5040 office desk system was designed around the central theme of Compact Design & Smart Solutions, which was then abbreviated into its name. The leg profile is 50 x 40mm creating the rest of the name; CS5040. The core design of the desk is the technical minimalism, which is achieved through the use of a base bracket. A patent application for its unique design has been registered.

Minimal in design, high in tech.

CS5040 projects a minimal & simplistic work space through its non-fussy design, however there is more to CS5040 than meets the eye. The patient pending design which reduces the need for unnecessary materials can also include innovative power & charging with easy to use cable access for all peripherals. This is all complimented by contemporary colours & finishes.

  • 1

    U or A frame shapes.

  • 2

    Single or bench desks.

  • 3

    Power & charging technology.

  • 4

    Minimal design.

  • 5

    5 year manufacturer's warranty