Ratio desk

Ratio height adjustable desks

Ratio is an adjustable-height office desk range designed for users to vary their daily posture between sitting & standing. The Ratio desk can be ordered as a single desk or bench desk & with its clean lines & uncluttered design, Ratio fits in seamlessly to most modern office environments.

Adjustable height desks

The average worker spends between 3 & 8 hours a day at an office desk & in many cases, this is more time sitting than sleeping. Research shows links between sedentary lifestyles & an increased risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease & some kinds of cancer. Posture changes & movement can help reduce health risks.

  • 1

    Height adjustable desk.

  • 2

    Single or adjustable bench desks.

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    Fits in to most office designs

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    12 year manufacturer's warranty