Secretair desk

Mobile office desks

The secretaire is back – re-interpreted contemporary aesthetics, whilst adapted for modern ways of working, Secretair slots in well to most workspace environments. Secretair is upholstered with a lightweight membrane with two forward castors allowing the desk to be formed in to collaborative groups or used individually away from distraction. Secretair is a useful reception station or pop-up events or small spaces.

Secretair desk

Thanks to its contours & mobility, secretair can easily be adapted to accommodate different working requirements. From circular groupings that facilitate communication to aeroplane arrangements where they are placed one behind the other to encourage concentration.

  • 1

    Mobile & lightweight desk.

  • 2

    Useful accessories.

  • 3

    Upholstered structure.

  • 4

    IF & INN 2015 design award.

  • 5

    5 year manufacturer's warranty.