Airflake baffle

Airflake acoustic panels

Airflake is a visually stimulating acoustic suspension baffle in a Snowflake shape that reduces travelling sounds by absorption & diffusion. The Airflakes simply clip together to create an acoustic curtain & attach to a rail which can be ceilings or a wall fixed.

Airflake acoustic baffles

Airflake panels are available in four snowflake patterns; Blade open, Blade closed, Line open & Line closed. A larger XL Blade open Airflake is also available for higher open spaces. Wool upholstery is available as a special order on a longer leadtime.

  • 1

    Acoustic baffle

  • 2

    Ceiling or wall suspended.

  • 3

    4 patterns.

  • 4

    Various fabrics & colours.

  • 5

    5 year manufacturer's warranty.