Contour mobile screen

Contour mobile divide

Contour is simple & soothing in shape & sound. The changing scales emote a sense of nature, like a series of trees in which one is certainly not exactly like the next. The greater the combination of different scaled units, the less one feels like he or she is in an office, but rather in the open, in nature.

Contour writing board

Frame: 6 mm sound absorbing polyether (Oeko-Tex) glued on both sides of a 19 mm sound reducing lightweight MDF.

Writing board: 4 mm writing board in white glass with magnetic back.

Pen strip: Solid ash with integrated eraser & magnets

Upholstery: Furniture nailed with fabric on both sides. The nail is hidden by a decorative piping.

Wheel stand: 11 mm molded ash on a 19 mm gray painted bottom plate.

Mounting: Wheel stand & pen strip is mounted before use. 100% recyclable materials.

  • 1

    Acoustic mobile divide.

  • 2

    Magnetic glass writing board available.

  • 3

    Ash shelf for writing divide.

  • 4

    100% Wool upholstery.

  • 5

    5 year manufacturer's warranty.