Fabricks Partition

Fabricks acoustic partition

Fabricks is a modular office partition that can be quickly configured & reconfigured to create walls for meeting spaces & individual work areas. Fabricks has superb acoustic properties such as Absorption, Blocking, Dividing, Reverberation control, Speech privacy & Visual privacy.


Fabricks walls can be created with a traditional 2D flat face, or a 3D sculptured face offering a beautiful textured finish. The Fabricks bricks are easy to build with a floor plate & support prongs. A mobile foot plate is also available for smaller setups.

  • 1

    Modular acoustic partition

  • 2

    Absorb, Block & Divide.

  • 3

    Various brick designs.

  • 4

    Easy to install.

  • 5

    5 year manufacturer's warranty.