My Space

My Space Hyrbid Work Layouts

My Space is a modular acoustic panel system designed to create a network of work scenarios for agile & hybrid workplaces. My Space is easily re-configured to create pockets for collaborative meeting spaces or quiet soft seating settings whilst panel clips can create work desks, whilst reducing travelling sounds & creating a safer working environment

My Space screen layout
Hyrbid modular layouts

Quiet, comfortable & spread out workspaces with My Space.

My Space screen layout
Quiet space

My Space offers quiet working booths with moveable screens.

My Space screen layout
Compact designs

My Space is configured to make the best use of space.

My Space

Thanks to the modular construction of My Space, you can electrify up to 6 workplaces with a single power socket. My Psace is available with a 3 socket power unit that can be used for standard power supply, USB, or LAN connection in different configurations.

  • 1

    Hybrid working solution

  • 2

    Acoustic fabric panels.

  • 3

    Modular panel design.

  • 4

    Range of finishes.

  • 5

    5 year manufacturer's warranty.