Grand Slam Z

Grand Slam Z for zonal creations

Grand Slam Z is a multi-functional office cabinet & shelving storage system that can be used to create zones for very different work areas. The modular storage units can be specified to your requirements whilst combined with your space to create additional rooms & areas.

Grand Slam Z

The storage system is designed with a continuous top & bottom shelf in either 19mm or 25mm thick melamine with laser edging. There are many variations of storage configurations in different sizes including; Lockers, sliding-door cabinets including double-sided use & zoning desk-end elements. All units can be equipped with fabric back panel with an acoustic filling, bridge elements & plant boxes.

  • 1

    Complete storage family.

  • 2

    Environmentally friendly laser edging.

  • 3

    Lockers, cupboards & sliding doors.

  • 4

    Planter boxes & acoustic panels.

  • 5

    5 year manufacturer's warranty.