Air ³ office pod

Air ³ pod techology

Air ³ pods can also be equipped with automated rotating roof which is activated by the buildings fire alarm system & allows the fire sprinklers to access the pod interior. The ceiling has a manual switch to allow stagnant air to be refreshed in conjunction with the air circulation fan, creating a better & healthier pod experience.

Air ³ acoustic pods

Air ³ is the most advanced office pod to date with a series of high-quality finishes & acoustics for greater speech privacy. Air ³ pods are available in 17 standard freestanding models such as phone rooms or mini work pods, small or larger meeting rooms, office spaces & rooms for video conferencing. A mountable Smart TV solution & glass writing board are also available for collaborative use & client meetings.

  • 1

    Manufactured by the pioneer's of the office pod.

  • 2

    Acoustic spaces for breaks, meeting or work.

  • 3

    Large range of matching furniture.

  • 4

    Rotating roof & air circulation available

  • 5

    2 year manufacturer's warranty.