Clara Pod

Clara enclosed & open pods

The Clara office pod is your personal haven within the open office environment. This customisable solution caters to individual needs, offering a variety of options to create the ideal space for focused work or private calls.

Select Your Style: Choose from a range of acoustic fabric choices for the interior, while the exterior can be customized with wood, laminate, cork, or even additional upholstery for a cohesive look.

Opt for the enclosed pod with a magnetic, tempered glass door for maximum privacy & noise reduction (32dB), or choose the open booth for a more social yet still sound-dampening workspace.

  • Workstation Comfort: The Clara pod comes equipped with a custom-made laminate desk & a comfortable upholstered chair with sound-insulating foam.
  • Quiet Climate Control: A quiet & powerful ceiling fan keeps the air fresh throughout the day.
  • Optimal Lighting: An overhead LED light ensures ample illumination without causing glare
  • Acoustic panels: Clara has a choice of panels to change the aesthetic & improve sound insulation, ensuring your private calls stay private & uninterrupted.
  • Power Up: Standard UK sockets come included, with additional options available for a variety of power needs.
  • Magnetic door: Tempered glass door with a magnetic seal. Reduces internal & external noise while providing a sense of security & privacy.
Clara pod exterior examples
Laminate exterior pod
Laminate exterior
Upholstered pod
Upholstered exterior
Cork office pod
Cork exterior
Wood slat office pod
Wood slats

Select Your Style!

Craft the Perfect Look for Your Workspace: With a wide variety of upholstery colors, laminates, wood slats, & cork options, Clara's exterior can be customised to seamlessly match your office's aesthetic.

  • 1

    Acoustic 32dB office pod

  • 2

    Option: Built-in table & chair.

  • 3

    PIR motion LED lighting & air-circulation.

  • 4

    Enclosed pod or Open booth.

  • 5

    5 year manufacturer's warranty.