Framery phone booth

Framery O

Framery phone booths offer unparalleled quiet spaces for making private calls, tuning in to a video conferencing or somewhere to check your email undiserbed. Both the phone booth Framery O & Framery Q meeting space have incredible sound insulation made of wool & laminated sound control glass; allowing for next to desk positioning. The Framery phone booth design is easy to assemble & easy to relocate at any time.

Superior sound insulation

The materials of a Framery phone booth are carefully selected to make sound insulation extremely effective for voice & video calls no matter how noisy the office is. The Framery O phone booth gives you a place to concentrate.

Framery O is also available with a Video Conference ready model which includes a tilting monitor bracket & LED scene lighting which surrounds the monitor to provide optimal conditions for video conferences. You can easily adjust the lighting & airflow should you require with an easy to reach control panel.

See the Framery Q meeting pods for larger collaboration spaces.

  • 1

    High-quality phone box.

  • 2

    High level of acoustic privacy.

  • 3

    3 pod sizes available.

  • 4

    Various colours available.

  • 5

    2 year manufacturer's warranty.