Framery office pod

Framery Q office pods

Framery Q & Q2 office pods offer a superior acoustic space for many scenarios such as private meetings, concentrated work, a space to chill & even take a nap. The high quality build of Framery allows the pod to be positioned almost anywhere in the work environment to keep unwanted noise outside & inside.

Framery Q & Q2

Framery Q is a mini-office pod for 2 to 4 users which is available empty or with 3 scenarios; 1. Meeting Maggie 2. Working with Pal & 3. Nap. A wheelchair access model Framery Flip & Fold is also available.

Framery Q2 is a larger office pod suitable for up to 6 users & available empty or with a standard or standing height table & monitor bracket.

A Framery O phone booth is also available - see Framery O.

  • 1

    High-quality office pod.

  • 2

    High level of acoustic privacy.

  • 3

    3 pod sizes available.

  • 4

    Various settings available.

  • 5

    2 year manufacturer's warranty.