Hush Work Pod

Hush focus pod

Hush Work is an acoustic mini office pod with built in desk designed for a single user for focused work-related tasks including conference calls. Hush Work is also easily relocated using pallet trucks, allowing you to change how you use the space when required. The PIR senor that controls the lighting & air-circulation is located under the useful side shelf, which also holds the plug-in power, USB charging and RJ45 network cable.

Hush Work

Hush Work is part of the Hush acoustic office pod range. The Hush pods are available in several different sizes including single user telephone pods, 2 to 4 user meeting pods & larger modular meeting room pods. All the Hush pods are easily moveable & Hush Work is no exception with a removable plinth that exposes pallet truck entry slots.

  • 1

    Mini single user pod.

  • 2

    Built-in desk, shelf & charging.

  • 3

    PIR sensor lighting & air-circulation.

  • 4

    Mobile office pod.

  • 5

    2 year manufacturer's warranty.