Kameleon K1 Phone Pod

Kameleon K1 Office Phone Booth

The K1 phone pod from the Kameleon range offers users a quiet space to make calls & hold video calls. K1 is also suitable for a single user to work for short periods when they need to concentrate away from the noise of the office space. K1, as with the entire Kameleon range of pods, has the ability to switch panels to utilise the structure for work, which include; writing boards, cork boards & hook-on accessory panels. The exterior panels can also include biophilia moss wall & natural wood panels for a more gentle feel. If your space needs more acoustic support, then the exterior can be cladded with sound abosorbing upholstery in a variety of colours & finishes.

Writable surfaces

Create writable walls inside or out.

Power plug in
Moss wall

Increase biophilia with moss walls.

Pod monitor arm
Monitor support

Fix monitors to the wall for video conferencing.

Pod ceiling lighting
Air ionisers.

All Kameleon pods come with air ionisers as standard.

Kameleon K1

The modular design of the K1 phone pod allows for its panels to easily be swapped out to suit your needs. Panels include PET felt or upholstered acoustic panels, melamine, veneer or plywood. The panels can also be mixed to create a visually stunning environment to suit your creativity & include useable panels such as cork pinboards, whiteboards & a peg board. A biophilia moss wall can also be added.

  • 1

    Phone & video calls.

  • 2

    Changeable modular panels.

  • 3

    PIR motion sensor.

  • 4

    Air ionisers & Moss walls.

  • 5

    2 year manufacturer's warranty.