Kameleon K7 Pod

Large Kameleon K7 Office Pod

The K7 office is part of the Kameleon office pod range. The K7 pod is the largest pod with an overall size of W2275 x D3000 x H2280mm. K7 is designed to create a larger pod space that can cater 6 users around a table comfortably. K7 can also be configured as an office, lounge & sofa meeting area for up to 8 users, & training room. The pods come with ventilation grilles that are fitted with air ionisers to improve air quality & neutralise any odours.

Writable pod surface
Writable surfaces

Create writable walls inside or out.

Biophilia wall
Moss wall

Increase biophilia with moss walls.

Cork and writing panels
Useful hanging panels

Writing or cork pinboards for your team meetings.

Air ionisers.

All Kameleon pods come with air ionisers as standard.

Kameleon K7

The modular design of the K7 pod allows for its panels to easily be swapped out to suit your needs. Panels include PET felt or upholstered acoustic panels, melamine, veneer or plywood. The panels can also be mixed to create a visually stunning environment to suit your creativity & include useable panels such as cork pinboards, whiteboards & a peg board. A biophilia moss wall can also be added.

  • 1

    Large pods for meetings, office or lounging.

  • 2

    Changeable modular panels.

  • 3

    PIR motion sensor.

  • 4

    Air ionisers & Moss walls.

  • 5

    2 year manufacturer's warranty.