Teepee phone box

Teepee phone booths

The Teepee phone booth range offers an entire solution from the basics of TP1, increased acoustics of TP2, the customisable screen printed TP3 to the top of the range TP4 with calming natural aesthetics & in-use occupancy indicator LED. Furthermore, a Black edition TP4 phone box is now available.

Specify your pod

Download the PDF brochure & chose from one of the pre-set standard designs & selecting your preferred colour or specify your own choice of phone booth options. The Teepee phone boxes include various customisable options including screen printing, lighting & phone tables.

  • 1

    Customisable phone pods.

  • 2

    PIR Lighting sensor.

  • 3

    34dB acoustic blocking.

  • 4

    Vast range of pods.

  • 5

    2 year manufacturer's warranty.