Float sofa

General Info

Float by Karim Rashid

The Float sofa designed by Karim Rashid gives the appearance of a wall mounted floating bench due to the specially designed back. Float is available as a low or high back sofa with the latter providing privacy in open spaces. The high back acts as a wall with optional coat hooks allowing Float to be positioned in large spaces offering a floating island to work or meet from.

Page reference : SOFT/SOFA/FLOAT
Lead Time : 6 weeks


Product Photos

  • float_001
  • float_002
  • float_003
  • float_004
  • float_005
  • float_006
  • float_007
  • float_008
  • float_009
  • float_010
  • float_011
  • float_012
  • float_013
  • float_014
  • float_015


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