Busby chairs

Busby's high sides with wing create a quiet haven for colleagues or visitors to use as & when required. The acoustic tub chairs can be situated in many spaces such as an open plan office, hallway, breakout space or a waiting space such as a large atrium.

Acoustic tub chairs

Busby is available as a left or right handed wing-back acoustic tub chair which offers a comfortable space for all to use for work, for peace or to make a couple of phone calls. Place a couple of Busby tub chairs together & create a one-on-one meeting space.

  • 1

    British design & manufactured.

  • 2

    Left or right handed.

  • 3

    Single or dual upholstery.

  • 4

    14.5% recyclable / 73.8% reuseable

  • 5

    7 year manufacturer's warranty.