FourReal AV

FourReal AV Table

FourReal AV tables consists of a 32mm diameter steel tube frame on 4 integrated lockable castors. The frames are available in Mat Black, Mat Grey or Mat White. A variety of board surfaces are available such as Decor Laminate with an ABS edge, HPL, MDF, Fenix or Linoleum.

FourReal AV table trolley

FourReal AV is a multipurpose table, divider and/or AV trolley. The mobile table be easily relocated via the castors & offer support to areas in need of a work surface, storage or AV system, depending on how it is configured.

  • 1

    Multi-use A frame on castors.

  • 2

    Work surface, AV unit or divide.

  • 3

    Planter frame.

  • 4

    Part of Inspired Spaces range.

  • 5

    5 year manufacturer's warranty.