Mastermind Fold table

Mastermind Fold table

Mastermind Fold is a high-quality mobile folding meeting table with a sophisticated mechanism that allows the table to be safely folded & moved without much effort. The table locking system has an added safety mechanism that helps lock the tables together during the errecting process.

Mastermind tables

Mastermind Fold table is part of the Mastermind table range & is developed as an intelligent made-to-order table system. Mastermind tables can be adapted to any room size or shape offering almost endless possibilities for customisation. Added to this are the high-quality standards: in production, only selected materials are used, & in addition to this, many steps are carried out by hand. Whether for meetings, conferences or informal working areas – Mastermind is a perfect fit.

  • 1

    Mobile folding table.

  • 2

    High-quality finishes.

  • 3

    Seats 8 users.

  • 4

    Part of large range.

  • 5

    5 year manufacturer's warranty.