Mastermind table

Mastermind table

Mastermind tables cater for many workplace aesthetics, be that the executive office or modern urban workspace, Masterminds high-quality finishes cover all trends. Mastermind also offers almost endless possibilities for customisation & layout whilst engineered to last. A high organic Mastermind Flow or Mobile Folding table are also available from the range.

Mastermind tables

The Mastermind range is developed as an intelligent made-to-order table system. Mastermind can be adapted to any room size or shape offering almost endless possibilities for customisation. Added to this are the high-quality standards: in production, only selected materials are used, & in addition to this, many steps are carried out by hand. Whether for meetings, conferences or informal working areas – Mastermind is a perfect fit.

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    German engineering.

  • 2

    High-quality finishes.

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    Conference layouts available.

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    Part of large range.

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    5 year manufacturer's warranty.