Aeron chair

Aeron performs smarter than ever before, so you can too.

The Aeron chair is probably the most important design the work place has ever seen. Originally released in 1994, Aeron introduced a Pellicle mesh upholstery to both the seat & back of the chair. The Pellicle upholstery was designed in such away that it eliminated circulation-restricting pressure points & stretched the boundaries of material design. 25 years later & the remastered Aeron chair is still an ergonomic icon now as it was back then.

Aeron; remastered

All of the enhancements to the Aeron chair were designed to work together to comprehensively support the human form. PostureFit SL & 8Z Pellicle represent a higher level of ergonomic expertise & state-of-the-art support to improve the task related sitting experience.

  • 1

    An original design icon.

  • 2

    Pellicle mesh seating.

  • 3

    Many ergonomic adjustments.

  • 4

    Polished alu linkage option.

  • 5

    12 year manufacturer's warranty.