SE Kit chair

SE Kit task chair

SE Kit gives the user the choice of what kind of use it receives & where the swivel chair is to be situated. Are you looking for a chair that requires little or no operation effort at all, or a chair that can be adjusted individually? Due to its modular concept, SE Kit offers a greater variety of configuration options.

SE Kit

The new SE Kit takes a special approach, as it follows a modular concept & focuses on comfort. The user decides how they would like the swivel chair to be configured & which components they would like to have – freely, based on the motto “less is more” or, sometimes, “more is more”. What the chair always comes with, however, is seating with the best comfort & all that without compromising on design & aesthetics.

  • 1

    User specifies configuration.

  • 2

    Comfortable & lightweight.

  • 3

    Membrane or upholstered back.

  • 4

    Meeting & high chair options.

  • 5

    5 year manufacturer's warranty.