Office storage

Metal office storage
Office filing
Filing cabinets

Filing cabinets, side filing, multi-filing & general office filing storage. Save office floor space with our modern filing solutions.

Mia pedestal
Mia ped

Mia Ped is a modern configurable mobile personal storage unit with various innovative storage accessories.

Basic S storage
Basic S

Thick melamine storage solution from Germany. Contemporary office storage & highly practical. Form meets function.

Dotbox storage

Dotbox is made of thin steel modular storage modules which can be connected to each other to create unique storage configurations.

Myspace storage
Myspace lockers

Modern office lockers in contemporary colours. MySpace lockers include postal slots for company mail & can be multi-coloured!

Tomo melamine storage
Tomo storage

Tomo is a modular shelving system that can create large cubist open fronted freestanding shelving displays with sliding doors.

Contenitori storage

Contenitori office storage. Simple linear lines & a great use of wall space. Create high long lengths of wall storage.

Modular office storage
Terri Tory

Terri Tory storage is a desk associated modular storage range with unlimited possibilities.

Primo modular office storage
Primo storage

Primo is a metal modular storage solution for adding on to & dividing office space. Primo is available with an acoustic door.

Metal filing pedestals
Metal pedestals

Metal office pedestals & mobile personal desk side storage. Store & file for easy access.

Uni storage
Uni storage

Uni is a cost effective & complete office storage solution made from tough melamine.

Slim storage
Slim storage

Slim designer office storage with discreet linear lines. A British designed & manufactured storage range.