Scandinavian acoustic products

All Suspended Wall Screens Desk

Bits wall is a moulded polyester fibre that is covered with acoustic fabric. The triangular shape aids the diffusion of travelling sound.

Softline is a range of desk divides & freestanding office screens. An acoustic option increases sound control within the workplace.

Airflake acoustic panels are shaped like a snowflake with either open or closed blades. The acoustic moulded fibre felt can be wall or ceiling fixed.

Alp is a range of nesting mobile acoustic office screens. Alp can easily be relocated to create private training areas & has hang over accessories.

Alumi screens create private work areas & are filled with acoustic mineral wool, compressed felt & covered in a beautiful wool fabric.

Aircone is an triangular acoustic panel that can be wall fixed or suspended from a ceiling rod. Aircone is available in many wool fabrics.

Domo is a large family of acoustic products that include; freestanding office screens, desk divides, wall panels & acoustic storage furniture.