Office phone booths

All Hood Booth Pod

The Rondo booth includes a telephone shelf & wrap around acoustic privacy panel for increased privacy whilst making important calls.

The Framery acoustic phone & meeting booth offers unparalleled sound absorbing & blocking performance & are visually stunning.

Hush Space phone booths & mini office pods are a comfortable & acoustic space for making private calls or video conferencing.

Vetro 'glass' office phone pods have a small footprint which makes it ideal fit in a small office or corridor. The glass pods can be placed almost anywhere!

Cubic phone boxes & office pods with integral shelf, lighting & acoustics. The Cubic phone booth is part of the modular pod system.

Nautilus hood & phone booth ranges attracts users to make calls away from the workspace. The acoustic filling helps absorb unwanted travelling sound.

Limbus phone booths are available as wall hanging or freestanding. Part of the Limbus acoustic screen range, Limbus has a high absorbent capacity.

The Domo acoustic phone hood is part of the larger Domo acoustic screen range. Domo hoods can be mounted with a support writing shelf.