Airea II pod has 26 standard configurations from a simple phone booth or quiet room to a variety of general use office pods & larger meeting room pods.

The Air ³ acoustic office pod range is the most advanced room system yet. The glass glazed Air ³ pod is available with an opening ceiling.

Vetro 'glass' office pods have a smaller footprint than other booths & pods. The glass pods can be placed almost anywhere!

Oasis pods are small 2 or 4 user work pods that invite teams away from the work area to collaborate. A phone is alaso available.

Cubic office pods & booths are a modular panel system which is easily configured to suit your workspace large or small.

Office phone pods & boxes attract users to make calls or video conference in close proximity to the workspace whilst reducing distracting noises.

The Quiet Space office pod is constructed from a mixture of upholstered, glass & acrylic panels with up to 29dB noise reduction.