Office Pods

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Meeting & Office Pods

Escape the Noise & Boost Productivity with Meeting Pods

Meeting pods are the perfect solution for creating quiet & confidential enclosed spaces within a busy office. The self-contained office pods reduce the hassle & dilapidation costs of permanent constructions, are available in several sizes to suit your needs & are easily relocated. Meeting pods are available in a variety of sizes from single user phone & video conferencing pods, small to medium sized collaboration pods for 2 to 4 users & large boardroom & meeting pods. All enclosed office pods include air-circulation & LED lighting, with add-on options such as furniture, whiteboards, & monitor /TV fixings.

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Pods; meeting, calls & work

Work Pods

An office work pod is a small, enclosed acoustic space designed for individual focus work to aid productivity in a busy work environment. Being smaller than a meeting pod & larger than a call pod, work pods typically accommodate one person comfortably. Their compact size promotes a sense of privacy & concentration, ideal for tackling focused tasks like emailing, coding, or taking video calls.

Meeting Pods

Meeting pods are larger pods that create a cosy environment for 2-8 people. Meeting pods are perfect for brainstorming sessions, team collaboration, or even small board meetings. The compact meeting room fosters closer engagement & prevents voices from getting lost, encouraging active participation from everyone. Optional built-in technology, such as TV monitors, magnetic whiteboards, & video conferencing equipment are availble.

Phone Pods

Office call pods are designed specifically for making calls & quick focused tasks. The phone pods key feature is the soundproofing; high-quality materials create a barrier between your conversation & the surrounding office chatter. This means confidential calls or video conferences, & even just taking a moment to gather your thoughts can be done without interruption. All pods include PIR lighting & air circulation.