Mews Office

Mews Office Pods

With Mews, we took the negative space surrounding the pod to form habitable, functional & flexible workspaces that increase connection & collaboration. Mew's offer co-worker’s a comfortable ergonomic home-from-home workspaces with open & enclosed pods such as Focus, Connect, Open & Collaborate. A hackable pod exterior allows Mews to be connected to a frame & curtain system to create meeting, work or relaxing areas, making use of negative space.

Mews Pods


A quiet pod space for visual & acoustic privacy. Lighting modes created for video conferencing & prolonged pieces of work with ventilation that maintains comfortable temperature & quality of air. The video conferencing lighting system creates loop lighting, where a small shadow of the subjects noses on their cheeks and avoids dark shadows around the eyes.


A meeting space designed for visual & acoustic privacy. Controllable lighting creates a softer space to focus & share ideas. Ventilation that maintains comfortable temperature & quality of air over longer periods.

Connect Open

An informal meeting space designed for keeping in touch with your space & people around you. The slatted ceiling creates an open & well-lit space with different level of attachment.


The space around the pods delineated by curtains on the Mews grid system, creates spaces perfect for collaboration & informal lounge settings.

  • 1

    Hybrid Office Solution.

  • 2

    Open or enclosed pods.

  • 3

    UK Manufactured.

  • 4

    92.27% recycible materials.

  • 5

    2 year manufacturer's warranty.