S Pod Phone Booth

S Pod Phone booth

The S Pod Phone Booth is an ideal getaway for phone or video calls. The S Pod is a slender phone box that can slide in to most positions & make good use of normally dead floor space. S Pod has a stunning curved metal exterior with glazed safety glass door & rear wall. The interior is upholstered in felt with striking perforated air-circulation vents.

Telephone shelf

Shelf for laptop.

PIR Sensor
PIR Sensor

Sensor for LED light & air circulation.

Plug-in power
Plug-in power

Universal power & USB charging.

Lighting dimmerr
Dimmer switch

LED manual control & dimmer.

S Pod booth

The S Pod Phone booth is part of our Pod series range which includes small & large meeting pods.

The S Pod includes a walk in PIR sensor that operates the LED lighting & Air-circulation, which also times out when the pod is empty. A shelf is included for small laptops, a bag or notepad. You can also charge your devices with a dual USB socket & a universal power socket is included. Optionally, you can order a removable stool.

  • 1

    Acoustic phone booth

  • 2

    Built-in shelf & USB charging.

  • 3

    PIR motion sensor.

  • 4

    LED lighting & air-circulation.

  • 5

    5 year manufacturer's warranty.