Soft Rock

Soft Rock modular lounge seating

Soft Rock is a modular lounge seating range which can be easily combined & rearranged to make efficient use of the workspace. Soft Rock can also be always connected to meet modern agile & hybrid working environments with built-in charging points for spaced out working & dividing screens to increase both distancing & privacy.

Soft Rock

Soft Rock lounge seaters blend subtly into all kinds of waiting & work spaces for both public & private users. The modular lounge seating system adds more freedom & mobility to modern offices promoting a stress-free approach to daily tasks.

  • 1

    Modular soft seating.

  • 2

    Compact seating design.

  • 3

    Agile & Hybrid work solution.

  • 4

    Charging modules available.

  • 5

    3 year manufacturer's warranty.